Supply chain assistant

Fastenal Canada, located at Dartmouth, NS, is currently looking for applications for the role of Supply chain assistant who is a self-motivated individual with excellent interpersonal skills. The selected candidate for this position will be expected to start work promptly. It will be a Permanent employmentPart time. The Day schedule incorporates shift timings.

Employer Name: Fastenal Canada

No. of vacancies: 1 vacancy

Salary: $17.00 to $20.00 hourly (To be negotiated)

Job type: Permanent employment – Part time

Shift: Day

Job location: Dartmouth, NS



  • The contestant should be proficient in English.

Education Requirements

  • Job seekers must have a minimum secondary (high) graduation certificate qualification.

Experience Requirements

  • The candidate should be trained in a specific area.


  • The applicant should inspect and verify incoming goods against invoices or other documents to help monitor suppliers, particularly high-risk suppliers, and track their performance.
  • The competitor can route goods to appropriate storage areas.
  • Job seekers will pack goods to be shipped.
  • The aspirant should unpack the goods received.
  • The contestant should address customers’ complaints or concerns to help you handle a customer complaint smoothly and professionally.
  • The applicant must access and process information.
  • Job seekers will sell merchandise.
  • The candidate must receive payments.
  • Job seekers should operate computerized inventory record-keeping and re-ordering systems that enables a company to monitor inventory levels in real-time throughout the day.
  • The aspirant should issue receipts and other forms.
  • The competitor can explain the type and cost of services offered.
  • Job seekers will arrange for billing for services.
  • The competitor can arrange for refunds and credits.
  • Job seekers will answer inquiries and provide information to customers.
  • Job seekers will use estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties and delivery dates
  • The applicant must provide advice about merchandise.
  • The aspirant should conduct sales transactions through Internet-based electronic commerce.
  • The applicant must greet customers and discuss the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise or services sought for purchase, rental, or lease.
  • The candidate must prepare merchandise for purchase, rental, or lease.
  • The competitor can prepare sales, rental or leasing contracts and accept cash, cheque, credit card or automatic debit payment.
  • The aspirant should maintain sales records for inventory control

Work Setting

    Additional Information

    Weight Handling

    • The contestant’s hand luggage can weigh up to 23 kg (50 lbs).

    Personal Suitability

    • The applicant should have good accuracy skills for a higher percentage of orders delivered within a specific timeframe and greater client satisfaction.
    • The contestant should have good customer service skills to increase sales and customer loyalty.
    • The contestant should have a minimum work experience of 5 years or more to apply for this position.
    • The competitor should have efficient interpersonal skills vital to lead a team.
    • The aspirant must have excellent oral communication to articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to multiple audiences and listen for meaning and understanding.
    • The aspirant must have excellent writing skills that allow communicate his message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than face-to-face or telephone conversations.
    • The candidate should have flexibility skills and deal with unexpected challenges quickly, calmly, and efficiently.
    • The competitor should have good initiative skills that can help a company grow and surpass its competitors.
    • The applicant should be valuable, dependable, attractive, trustworthy, and responsible.
    • The aspirant must be reliable, which makes him likable, valuable, dependable, attractive, trustworthy, and responsible.
    • The aspirant must be a good team player to ensure the team succeeds with all tasks, duties, and projects.
    • The candidate should have punctuality to enable us and others to acknowledge the importance and value of time.
    • The applicant should have good analytical skills to help companies overcome challenges or spot issues before they become problems.
    • The candidate should have good creativity skills for problem-solving, developing ideas, improving productivity, and viewing challenges from a new perspective.
    • The candidate should have good efficiency to get the most output from the least possible input.
    • The applicant should be energetic and take things easy, with moderation rather than ‘thirst’ or ambition.
    • The candidate should be goal-oriented and helps to complete specific tasks to reach a particular outcome.
    • The contestant should be hardworking, bringing vision, depth, and dimensions to our work.
    • The aspirant must have outgoing skills perform better on the job, and earn more than their introverted colleagues.
    • The candidate should have a positive attitude that will bring an optimistic, can-do approach to their tasks and responsibilities.
    • The competitor should be a quick learner and grasp new concepts quickly.
    • The contestant should have good time management skills to increase productivity.

    Transportation Travel Information

    • The applicant should provide their transportation service by the company where employees can be picked up and dropped off at the end of the day.
    • The employee should have a valid driver’s license, as driving a motor car without a valid driving license is illegal.

    Work Conditions Physical Capabilities

    • The applicant must be ready to work in a fast-paced environment that teaches many new skills to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • The aspirant should pay attention to detail to maintain efficiency while producing accurate work.

    How to Apply

    Use the provided options and submit your application if you are interested.

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